Meet Jodi

Wife and mother of two, I am a working RN, ACLS, PAIS, ASPAN, and trained in holistic healing and healing touch.

I began creating my own products because so many beauty and body products contain harsh chemicals that irritated my skin. I struggled for years to find products that could fit me. Not only that but I did not want to use products that made my skin react on my children, I feared that they too would have the same reactions. So, my journey into product creation began. 

At first it was simply lotions and soaps for myself at home. My nursing experience and knowledge of of herbs and flowers came together to make gentle creams that were organic and left the skin feeling fresh rather than greasy. Soon, friends and family were asking about the products and the response has only continued to grow. For years people asked me to share my creations with the general public. 

So, here it is folks, Botanique Vitalis—my botanical life.